The ParkIndy Team

The ParkIndy team is comprised of Conduent Services, along with Indianapolis-based partners, Denison Global Parking, Sease Gerig & Associates and Evens Time.

Denison Global Parking

A Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)combining the strengths of Indianapolis-based Denison Parking and Indianapolis-based Global Parking.

  • Denison, Indianapolis based for over 80 yrs
  • Denison has 540 employees with 220 local
  • Global Parking, Indianapolis based for over 10 years with 50 local employees
  • Serves the following Indianapolis accounts – Clarian Health, Indiana Dept. of Health, City of Indianapolis, CIB, Indianapolis Airport Authority, and DPW
Evens Time

A Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) offering parking control and access control systems that support the needs of major businesses.

  • Indianapolis based for 76 years.
  • 13 local employees
  • Serves the following Indianapolis accounts – Indianapolis Airport Authority, Circle Center Mall garages, Clarian/Methodist Parking facilities, J. W. Marriott.
  • Other clients include the Cities of Bloomington and Evansville, and the Marion County Public Library.
Sease & Gerig Associates

A local Indianapolis company serving city, Indiana, and national clients by providing exceptional consulting services to prominent businesses in the areas of public relations, management, and communications.

  • Indianapolis based for 43 years.
  • 10 employees in Indianapolis
  • Staff has extensive former experience working directly with and in news media fields such as print and broadcast journalism.
  • Serves numerous clients in Indiana including Indianapolis
Conduent Services

An Indiana-based business for purposes of the State of Indiana’s procurement rules

  • 2800+ employees in the State of Indiana
  • 380 employees in the City of Indianapolis
  • Serves over 4,000 commercial and public sector clients in Indiana
  • Will add 200 nonparking jobs in the City
  • Already spends over $18 million per year with Indiana-based MBE & WBE firms
  • Will contribute $1.25 million to local charitable organizations